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Organic, Regenerative and Healthy Dining. Great food from sustainable sources. Redefining restaurants for positive social and ecological values

Want to learn more about regenerative food? Check out this year’s World Frontiers Forum podcast highlighting our Executive Chef Nadia Michaud, Dr. Mark Hyman and many other experts. available on the UN website

Our Story

Senses is the new restaurant of European chef Nadia Michaud and inventor and scientist David Edwards, serving beautiful Mediterranean food from local small farms and fishing boats committed to organic regenerative agricultural practices. We came about over a fifteen year journey from Paris to Cambridge and back to Athens.

Our Farms

Our focaccia bread is made with flour milled at Misty Brooks Farm.Our veal, beef, lamb and chicken are all grass-fed, no soy, no grains, raised and butchered at Misty Brooks. Our milk comes from jersey cows, grass-fed. Our tomatoes, parsnips, mushrooms, squash, dandelion greens and all our other vegetables come from the regenerative agricultural fields of Verrill Farm. Our fish is line-caught from small local boats, fresh and in-season.

Our Founders

Our founders are makers. Chef Nadia Michaud comes from Paris and Athens, where she has developed culinary programs for several Mediterranean restaurants, including Maison Noua in the 16th arrondissement (Voyage Gourmand du Liban, Elle, March 2018).  Inventor, scientist and writer David Edwards, founder of the contemporary art and design center in Paris Le Laboratoire (2007-2014), is the founder of the World Frontiers Forum, of Sensory Cloud, and of Cafe ArtScience, the forerunner of Senses.

Why Organic Regenerative Food


Scientists estimate we have less than 30 years of fish in the sea and less than 60 more harvests. Our industrial food practices have largely fed  the human population while today they threaten the planetary life that sources it. 


Eating local organic regenerative food is a way we can all fight back — for the regeneration of the earth, the sea and the global climate — and for the regeneration of healthy human lives. For more on the Regenerative Food movement see Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massy, Kiss the Ground by Josh Tickell, and Food Fix by Mark Hyman — see also the Food Fix Campaign.

Local and Fresh

Not only is Organic Regenerative Food good for biodiversity and sustainability of the food system, it also happens to lead to thrilling food. which looks, feels, tastes, smells — and even sounds — delicious. At Senses, we believe that for the future of food to be good for the planet, it will need to be accessible, affordable, and finally so sensorially beautiful, that it is irresistible.

Senses Cambridge

650 E Kendall Street Cambridge, MA 02142

Phone: 617.945.7515